Director:  Responsible for coordination of all directors and teams or the  show.  Will coordinate meetings and will set deadlines and regularly check on status of teams.

Asst. Director:  Assist the Director in all tasks mentioned above and will serve as Director if for some reason the Director is unable to be present at meetings or performance day.

Student Director:  Responsible for all students working the event.  This Director will assign duties to students who participate.  These Students include the Unit Guides who are assigned to help a specific school/performing group.

Persons Supervising:

Unit Guides – Up to 25

Door Monitors (Students) – Approximately 6

Sight/Sound/Tabulation Team Leader:  Responsible for obtaining and setting up sound equipment for event.  Also responsible for setting up and monitoring the Tabulation Team who assist CIPA officials in judging duties. Other duties will be recruiting and overseeing medical services and recorder/judge runners.

Persons Supervising:

MC – 1

Tabulation Team – 3

Medical – 2

Judge runners – 4


Concessions Director:  Responsible for food and beverage preparation and sales.  Other duties are menu and food organizing.

Persons Supervising – 6

Registration Director:  Responsible for preparing registration packets to be given to schools/groups checking in on day of event.  Coordinating with Student Director and assigning Student Unit Guides to their groups.

Persons Supervising – 4


Outside Logistics Director: Responsible for placing signs and coordination of traffic patterns for event.  Also responsible for Judges Transportation during the event.  Shuttle service for guest will also fall under this group, however David Keys and Lynch Bus Lines will be handling this area.

Persons Supervising – 6

Inside Logistics Director: Responsible for inside event set up including signage, event routes, holding and practice areas.  This person will also supervise Timer/Warm up and Spectator Door Monitors. This person will be assigned up to 2 student helpers to serve as assistants during the event.  Sales (shirts, message grams, flowers, programs, etc)  and Program Development team are also under this Director. Admissions and ticket sales is also part of this team.

Persons Supervising – 12

Hospitality Director: Responsible for operation of Director and Judges hospitality rooms.  There will be a team formed for each room and each will create a menu and coordinate in a financially sound manner a to create a getaway room for Directors and Judges to lounge and eat.

Persons Supervising:-4

Signs Crew Director: Will coordinate with Inside and Outside Logistics directors to prepare signage for program. 2- 4 persons needed for this job.

Unit Guides Coordinator:  This is usually a student leader who manages this task.  This person is responsible for recruiting students to work as guides during the event.  This Coordinator will work closely with Student Director.