Booster Meetings 2013


Booster meeting January 8, 2013


Budget from last month was reviewed.


Pancake breakfast – Texas Roadhouse February 2.  7:30 – 9:30.  Set up 7:15  through by 10 including date.  Tickets are $5.00.  Includes coupon on back for $5.00 toward an appetizer at Texas Roadhouse.  Boosters do not have to cook.  Need 15 students, 5 parents volunteers.


Car show –  April 27th .  Many advertising ideas were discussed – banners at 4 way, Walgreens, Fountain City Focus, Halls Shopper .  Mr. Humber stated he has a contact at Ch. 10. Terry will put on Ch. 12 the community calendar station.


Old uniforms –  Sales – Humber suggests selling for $100 to former students, resturants.  This money will go back to Humber’s school account.


Budget for this month read by Melanie.  Motion to approve by Doug, second by Richard Turner.


Tina will take the current uniforms to cleaners to be cleaned.


Mrs. Reeves requested to be reimbursed for mileage for winter guard trip to Nashville.  Boosters suggested to reimburse actual gas cost versus $.56 per mile.  Motion made to pay for gas only.  Will reimburse with receipts.  Motion made by Regina and Melanie.  A vote was cast with hands raised.  All boosters were in favor of the motion.

*Mrs. Reeves declined the boosters offer and will request the money to come from the band school account.


Mr. Humber – exhibition CD’s have still not arrived,  still has coupon books available

**Exhibition CD’s arrived after the January meeting


If anyone is interested in buying coke products there are many still available.

Drinks – can buy a mixed case $10 per case.

865-679-7800 is Terry’s number.  He will be glad to meet you to get drinks.


A suggestion was made to do a Pepsi fundraiser in spring to see if it does better than Coke.


Need a popcorn machine that belongs exclusively to the band.  Possible cost $300 – 500.  Breaker in small concession stand keeps tripping off.  Mr. Wech needs to be contacted to work on wiring.


Concession clean up date:  Saturday  January 12 at 9:45


Motion to dismiss Regina seconded by Carl




Booster meeting March 12, 2013

Meeting opened by Terry Wilshire

Minutes of February posted on website

Band received a donation for $625 from  Dryer physical therapy.  Terry will be confirming this donation since it was not solicited.

Car Show – guest Kenny and Debby Lester Car Show help

Kenny has helped form car shows for 20 years.  Car show suggestions:

  •  May be able to give a list of jobs that need to be done.
  •  How is judging going to be done?
  •  Volunteer judges
  •  Judging sheets not given out – causes problems
  •  Explain that it is a charity, fun event – don’t be trophy minded.  Dash placque, #trophies, give something to everyone for who pre-register, goody bags, don’t put dates on t-shirts, trophy for under 18 (student),
  •  List of contacts?

After listening to the experts a motion to change date for car show was made by Regina Turner, seconded by Melanie Eslinger and Mary Bates.   New date July 20

Follow up meeting was held  Monday March 18 6:30 p.m.

Melanie Esslinger read treasures report.  Kelly Adams motion to accept/Regina Turner seconded

Terry Wilshire – brought up to need to fix gator.  Needs to go to John Deer to get it fixed. There is $1,000 budget to care for gator.  Everyone agreed that there is a need to  fix it.

Time to make nominations for officers for next year.

Vicky Nicholas chairperson for nominating committee, Carl Justice, Becky Doyal members.

Pepsi sells will be the last week of  April 22 – May 10th. Delivered  the  next week.

Motion to adjourn Regina Turner, seconded Doug Esslinger


Booster meeting 4/9/13


Doug Esslinger opened the meeting.


Kenny and Debbie Lester brought more information about working on putting together an awesome car show.  Debbie McCarter and Lisa Buford have been working hard to get sponsors and donations.  All chair positions are taken care of.  At this point the car show is shaping up nicely.


Terry Wilshire discussed a Pepsi sell and is going to get more information.


The annual Band Banquet and lock – in were discussed. Places to hold the banquet and lock-in were discussed.  These were the suggestions.    Ruritan/Fairview/Rutherford  dinner / lock in  – Tennova Health Center in Powell – Peppers do food, cost of banquet – Date May 3rd .  motion to pay more Doug, Carl second.  (Through facebook and email the banquet date was changed to May 10 at Fairview with an after party at UT Down Under).  Cost of the banquet is $9 per person except high school seniors and children under 4.  U. T. Down Under cost $8 per person.


The nominating  committee had come up with the following nominations for next year’s officers.  Becky Doyle presented the  nomination – to form ballot


President – Terry Wilshire/Carl Justice

VP – Scott McCormick/Regina Turner/Doug Esslinger

Secretary- Mary Bates

Treasure – Melanie Esslinger


Motion to accept ballot – Regina Turner, second Julie Widby. The motioned passed.  Elections will be May 14th.


Motion to dismiss Mary Bates, seconded Julie Widby.



May 2013 Booster Minutes


The meeting was opened by Melanie Esslinger.  Melanie turned the meeting over to Regina Turner to introduce visitors from Lackey Candle Company to talk about a possible candle sale fundraiser.


Candle Sale fundraiser:  Company owned and operated by local folks.  The cost of the candles are $10.00 per candle.  The profit is $5.00 per candle. Candles are personalized for the organization selling. We discussed having this fundraiser as a way for students to defer the cost of band camp.  All agreed that is a use of the fundraiser.  The students would sale for a two week time period.  The profit made per student would go directly to the students account for band camp.  If a student were to sale more than the cost of band camp the extra would go to the band booster general fund.


Terry Wilshire reported that there was a good response from the upcoming freshman parents as boosters wanting to work.


The Pepsi fundraiser was a no go due to the fact that Pepsi was being difficult to work with.  The bottle size was 16 oz not 20 oz for the same price as the Coke 20 oz.


Melanie Esslinger gave the Treasurers report.  There will be an annual audit at the end of the fiscal year for the band.  Information has been sent to Mr. Lynn Hill to show all transactions for a school organization.  Motion to accept report made by Kelly Adams, seconded by Scott McCormick.


Terry Wilshire also reported that old band uniforms are still available for sale.  The cost is $100.00 and checks can be made payable to GHS.


Mr. Humber made a request for funds to pay for;

  • Awards for seniors $241.16
  • Pay the bill at Rush’s Music store $572.97
  • Engraving on band room plaque $35.00
  • Total of $849.57

A motion was made to pay this by Scott McCormick and seconded by Dan Dugin.  All agreed.


It was discussed that large thank picture/plaques be given to the companies that made large donations to help buy new uniforms.  This will be done.


Elections were held as scheduled.  Officers are as follows:

  • President – Terry Wilshire
  • Vice President – Doug Esslinger
  • Treasurer – Melanie Esslinger
  • Secretary – Mary Bates


A motion to dismiss was made by Scott McCormick and seconded by Melanie Esslinger.  All agreed


Terry Wilshire opened the meeting.


Mr. Humber on vacation on vacation and unable to attend so there was no specific report made for him..


Treasures report – Melanie Esslinger read the May’s treasurers report.  A  motion to accept report as read was made by Regina Turner and seconded by Lisa Buford. The motion passed.  An audit for the fiscal year will be conducted immediately after meeting.


Doug he Esslinger was approached by football boosters.  Football boosters want to put the band in bleachers in the end zone and band boosters help pay for it.  After a lengthy discussion a counter offer was proposed.   We want to wait until the football boosters have a definite plan before we make a decision to what will occur.  The motion was made by Regina Turner and seconded by Doug Esslinger.


Mary Bates read the May minutes. A motion to accept minutes as read was made by Doug Esslinger and Regina Turner. The motion passed


Candle fundraiser: A motion was made to schedule the fundraiser by Mary Bates and seconded by Regina Turner.  The motion passed.  The fundraiser will start Friday July 26 and end August 16.  Students will decide what to call the two fragrances that we sell at the next band rehearsal.  Order forms will be sent home at the end of the day on July 26.  All profits will go to the students individual accounts to pay for band camp fees.  Any proceeds over band camp fees will go to the band booster general funds.


Doug Esslinger discussed the needs for the Concession stands for the upcoming marching season. We need a popcorn machine that we don’t have to share with the rest of the school. Doug stated that this would cost approximately $300. Regina Turner is checking to see if Adrian Burnette will sell theirs to us since they don’t use it much.  The concession stand is also in need of a new ice machine. Along with needs for inside the concession stand two heavy duty canopies for outside need to be purchased for an approximate cost of  $200.


Car Show report mad by Thomas Bates.  Lisa Buford has collected money as donations to be used as the band needs to help with the car show.  Thomas shared that he had talked with Kenny Lester (our car show expert) who is confident that there will be several cars show up. Mr. Lester also gave Thomas some additional contacts.  On Mr. Lester’s advice we are trying to get two groups of students (dressed alike) for the 6th and 13th of July to attend the Clinton Hwy. show to hand out the flyers.  Trophies will be purchased/refurbished from Colemans on Broadway.  Doug Esslinger will find out banner information so we can have banners made to hang up at the Crossroads ASAP.


A motion to dismiss was made by Mary Bates and seconded by Regina Turner.  The meeting was adjurned.




Terry Wilshire opened the meeting:


Mr. Humber talked about meals for band camp being provided again this year by Pepper’s restaurant for about $5.00 per day (paid by the students).  He also requested funds to purchase a case of athletic paint and three rolls of blue painters tape.


Many parents had questions about the new principal and possible changes in programming, etc. for the band program and school in general. Mr. Brown (formerly at Holston Middle) is the principal. Mr. Humber is not worried at this time about changes. He acknowledged that all administrations have their quirks, but can be worked with.  Neither Mr. Humber nor Mrs. Reeves have any plans of their own to leave.


The upcoming car show details were discussed.  Mary Bates asked for a volunteer to take flyers to the Clinton Hwy. show on July 13th to be distributed to once again promote the car show.  Carl Justice volunteered to do this job.  Mary also asked for people to sign up for specific jobs and times for the day of the show.  She also thanked Lisa Buford and Tammy McCarter for all of their hard work in preparation of the show (making flyers/poster, getting donations for goody bags, etc).  Mary also stated how much help Kenny and Debby Lester had given with directing us in putting on a car show.


Regina Turner discussed the upcoming fund raiser for band camp.  The Candle company is ready to go.  Regina gave more information given to new parents (see June notes for details). Each candle cost $10.00. A profit of $5 from each candle sold will  go to individual student accounts.  The scents will be called Fantasia and Rock of Ages . The colors will be primary colors.  Mr. Humber will be given more info once the show is named to put it on the candles.  Total cost of band camp $250. If a student uses a school instrument there is an additional fee of $50.


Regina also requested volunteers for band camp. We need one to two parents daily to hand out water, etc to students.  This allows Mr. Humber and Mrs. Reeves to concentrate on teaching.


There will be a Mandatory parent meeting/dinner July 29, kick off for candle sales


We will be having a Coke truck load sale at the end of August for another fundraiser.


Treasure Report: Melanie Esslinger distributed written copies and read the information.  A motion to approve as read was made by Julie Widby and seconded by Regina Turner.  The motion carried.


Another possible fundraising idea was presented.  Every October there is a Civil War show in Corryton (commemorates the Battle of Fort Sanders).  A suggestion was made by Stacy Ammans to set up a concession stand booth at this show.  Mary Bates is going to get more information about the show.


Needs and information for the upcoming  marching season.


Possible competition dates are 9/21, 28, 10/5, 12, and 26 plus Knox County Exhibition.  The specific dates will be chosen and announced later.


We need someone with a truck with electric brakes to pull trailer.  Terry Wilshire can do some but will not be available the month of September.  One possible solution is to buy a used u-haul truck for about $3,000.00. Things to be considered before buying a truck would be; insurance estimate, gas costs, and regular maintenance costs.  Another possible solution would be to install an electric brake system into a booster parent’s truck.  More discussion will continue at the next monthly meeting.


Plumes for the band hats need to be ordered this year.


The Gator has been repaired and is ready to go.


The majorettes have requested funds to purchase four cans of lighter fluid for the season.  A fire box being made by a parent.



This year the concession stand will need the following items purchased to continue to be successful:  popcorn machine ($500-600), ice machine ($500-700). A motion was made to purchase a popcorn machine and to spend up to $600  was made by Vicky, seconded Carl Justice and Christine.  The motion carried.


Mr. Jeff Thomas (asst. principal) says that other organizations soccer, etc, would help pay to purchase an ice machine.  More information on this will be coming.


Last month there was discussion about the possibility of new bleachers needed due to the change in football divisions.  We will be playing against larger schools.  See June minutes for details but it has been suggested that the band help purchase bleachers for the end zones and that is where the band would sit.  The booster and students feel that the band students are part of student body and want to participate in the regular stands along with the other students. One possible solution is to borrow bleachers from the Ruritan Club. After a lengthy discussion it was decided that this is ultimately a facility problem and should be a school administration problem. Our main goal is to keep a good relationship with football boosters.


A motion to dismiss was made by Regina Turner and seconded Scott Boyle.  The motion carried.


Booster Minutes

August 2013


The booster meeting was opened by president Terry Wilshire.


Items discussed:

The first game was two weeks (8/23) away, everyone was getting ready for the opening game and working in the concession stand.  Doug Esslinger announced that the new ice machine installed!!!


The Gator has been fixed and back at Terry’s. The  cost $400 instead of $600. The Gator is ready for  another marching season.


Fundraiser – Candle orders were due on 8/16.  All candle money was due on 9/9.  Money has to be turned in to Regina if turning in on Friday (8/16).  Humber can take kits and order forms.


Coke sales was from begin 8/16 – 9/6.   Flavors on website.  Order forms will be available Friday.  Can also be ordered on line. The cost was $22.00 for 24 20oz drinks.  Money and orders were turned into Terry on 9/6.



Band schedule also on website.


Knox County Schools has a new fundraiser policy.  All  fundraisers must be approved through the office of Roger Underwood.


Treasurer report – Melanie Esslinger.  Read treasurers report.  Will be posted on web site.

Melanie reported that the car show made a profit of approximately $750.

Motion to approve the Treasurers report as read was made by Regina Turner and  seconded by Chris Arms.  The motioned carried.


Regina Turner reported that volunteers are still needed to work in the concession stands.  There were still openings for every game.  To get into game have to be here at 5:30 and Regina will check you in.    She will send out an email reminder.  Let her know if she accidentally leaves you off.  She will make adjustments if necessary.


Terry mentioned that we all really appreciate all that Regina is doing to get people to help.


Doug Esslinger reported that the food for the concession stand was ordered.  The band gets free food by ordering large quantities from Rhyneheart company.


This year in the concession stand will be taking credit cards for payments.  This is to encourage people who don’t bring cash to spend money at the concession stand.

Concession stand Menu:

Trying corn dogs at first game.

Baldies BBQ

Drinks $2

Coffee $1

Hot choc. $1.50

Trying chicken tenders

Motion to accept menu Scott Boyles, Regina Turner, the motioned carried.


Mr. Humber made requests for: Drum heads $990, Repairs – $79, Music – $55 – $100.

There was discussion about cost vs. balance in bank.  Boosters want to wait to pay until after first football game. Take on bill to pay for stuff already purchased once we have funds.  Motion made by Terry, seconded by Scott Boyles motioned carried.



Mr. Humber also requested the contest entry fees: Heritage – $50, Alcoa $50 Clinton $75 max. A motion to pay contest fees Vikki Nicholas and second Regina Turner



Mr. Humber also stated that delivery date for gauntlets is the first of November.   Payment due then approx. $1400.


A question about marching in the Downtown Christmas parade was asked.  It is a possibility.


This is a trip year.  Humber has asked for an itinerary for New York and Chicago.  New York – $700’s.  Chicago $600’s.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Mr. Humber told the boosters about the Goodsearch fundraiser.  This is a search engine that can be set up for people to use and money is raised every time someone does a search. Someone needs to set up an account.


Discussed a budget but didn’t approve – will do at next meeting


T-shirts in Tuesday next week.  Terry needs money for those who ordered shirts.


Motion to dismiss was made by Doug Esslinger and Regina Turner


September Booster Meeting


The meeting was opened by President Terry Wilshire.

The trip to New York discussed at length since the booster meeting since the trip meeting was directly before the booster meeting. All who attended were given a detailed itinerary with cost and payment dates.  The first 45 people will pay approximately $755.00 (student rate) after that a waiting list will be started.  Unless enough people sign up to lower the cost only those who signed up first will go.


Mary Bates read August Booster Meeting minutes.  A motion to approve the minutes as read was made by Cindy McCreary and seconded by Regina Turner. The minutes were approved as read and will be posted on the website.


October 8th is the Knox County Band Exhibition night.  This is the same night as the scheduled booster meeting. It was suggested to move the booster meeting to October 15th.   The meeting will be October 15th at 6:30 p.m.


Fall Competition – September 28th is at Karnes instead of Clinton. Mr. Humber paid for Karnes out of his pocket.  He has already received a refund. The other competitions are October 12th at Heritage and October 26th at Alcoa.


Melanie Esslinger read Treasures report and distributed copies given to attendees.  The Treasures report will also be posted on line.  A motion to approve was made by Regina Turner and Vikki, Scott Boyles seconded the motion.  The motioned carried.


The Gator needs to be fixed again.  Mr. Pacleb (band parent) will be doing the repair. We need to be thinking about what to do to possibly replace it in the near future.


Terry Wilshire reported that the Coke sales did not go as well as it should have.  Not all students sold drinks.  Terry reported that lots of money is made in profit on the sale of drinks.  The coke profit is $5.75 per case and $8.00-10 for other drinks.  The web site not user friendly for this on sale but will be in the future.


Other possible fundraisers were discussed: car washes, sell fruit at same time as cokes, chocolate bars ($30 a box) buy x amount of boxes in advance company willing to take small amount of cases back, Krispie Kreme fundraiser.


Fruit sale:  Students going on the trip- profits will go to the student directly, students not going should also sell and the profits will go to the band general fund.


Becky Doyle presented a fundraising opportunity. The band has been asked to run a concession stand at the reenactment of Civil War at Clapp Farm on October. 12th and 13th. Becky stated that approximately 4000 people will attend.  The down side is that there is no electricity and no water.  Gas grills and fryers can be used and water taken with the group. The times 10-4 Saturday and 11-4 Sunday.   The band will keep all profits over food costs.  A motion to approve by Regina Turner and seconded by Amanda Wilshire.  The motion carried.



Candle fundraiser update – 42 students sold candles.  The average sale was $70 dollars per kid.  Several students came close to paying all band fees.  Several sold more than 50 candles.


Annual Budget projections:

Projected revenue sheet:


Transportation $43,00 for buses

Equipment for concession stands:  $1,000

Pre-game meals : $1,000

Food expenses for concession stands: $10,000.

Gas/repairs for Gators/trucks: $1,200

Office supplies and postage:$

Uniform expenses: $600

Insurance: $1248


Color Guard: $4,000

Winter Guard: $700


Band Camp Expenses: $100

Spring Try-out judges:$100

New Uniforms:

Capital Outlay:$1500

Scholarships: $

Band banquet:$500

Business fees$35.

Drum Major:$ 500

Motion to approve projections was made by  Regina Ezell and seconded Michelle Ellis. The motion carried.


There was a discussion about lack of communication and other issues.  Color guard parents very upset about the way the instructors are not communicating with parents, girls are upset and feel that Mr. Humber and Mrs. Reeves are not spending time with color guard.  Not enough communication going on.  Nothing specific was resolved but several parents are going to email Mr. Humber and Mrs. Reeves.  Mr. Humber had to leave before this discussion took place.


A motion dismiss was made by Melanie Esslinger and Doug Esslinger.  The motion carried.




November Booster Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by President Terry Wilshire.


Melanie  Esslinger read October’s meeting minutes.  A motion to accept as read was made by Regina Ezell and seconded by Michelle Ellis.  The motion carried.


The Treasures report  was also read by Melanie Esslinger.  A motion to accept the report as read was made by Regina Ezell and seconded by Bruce Ellis.  The motion carried.


Mary Bates gave fruit report.  The students sold a gross amount of $6,107 in cash sales, $309 on line sales for a total of $6,416.  Profit for the fruit sales will be given to individual students that sold to go towards their New York trip if they are going.  If they are not going the profit will go into the general booster fund.  The gross profit was $2,630.85.    Fruit was delievered Nov 21st .


Mr. Humber did not have any new requests to make.


The band will march in the Gibbs Christmas parade on December 8th.  Students need to be at the high school at 2:00 begin at 2:30


The Winter band concert is December 16th at 7:00 p.m.


Dry cleaning the uniforms was discussed.  Melanie will call around to check prices.


We will be having a CIPA show on March 8th .


There are many jobs to be filled.  See the jobs below and contact Terry if you are interested in helping.  We need everyone to help.


Director – Terry Wilshire


Asst. Director –


Students Director-


Door Monitors-


Site/Sound tabulation leader –


Judge runners – usually students


MC –


Medical personel – Regina Ezell


Concessions Director – Doug/Melanie

6 people to work in the concessions


Registration Director – Becky Doyle?


Outside Legistics director – Chris Arms/Dan Dugan?Mike McCarter – director


Judges transportation


Inside legistics director –


Sales and program development-


Hospitality Director – Tammy McCarter – Director, Susan Jones – Team Leader, Michelle Ellis,


T-shirt Sales – Katy Bradford


Signs director –


Unit guides coordinator – student leader


Program books – A motion to accept program sponsor form was made by Regina Ezell, seconded by Bruce and Michelle Ellis.  Terry will put a copy of the program sponsor forms on the website.


CIPA does all the registration of groups and collects money.  We will get that information about a week ahead of time.  We pay for judges room/board, transportation trophies, and custodians.  We make money on admission ($8), programs, concessions, t-shirts, flower sales, and air-grams,


Terry mentioned doing a Sarah Lee fundraiser:  sell family packs to make profit.  We will discuss it further at the next meeting.


Gator part needs to be ordered. A motion made to buy part for $100. A motion was made by Regina Ezell and seconded Stacy Ammans. A suggestion was made to possibly buy a new gator. That discussion was also tabled until the next booster meeting.


A motion to dismiss was made by  Bruce Ezell and Regina Ezell



December 2013 Minutes


Terry Wilshire – President opened the meeting.


Mary Bates – secretary  read November meeting minutes.  A motion to accept as read was made by Regina Ezell and seconded by Bruce Ellis. The motion passed.


Business discussed:

Terry reported that the Gator part still needs to be ordered.


Terry also mentioned the Sarah Lee fundraiser again and it was decided to wait  until after the first of the year to have this fundraiser.


The Treasures report read by Melanie Esslinger – treasurer.  A motion to accept as the report as read was made by Regina Ezell and seconded by Michelle Ellis. The motion passed.


Mr. Humber reported that all of the marching uniforms  have been cleaned.


Everyone had high praises for Mr. Humber and Mrs. Reeves for canceling the band marching in parade because of the cold rain.



CIPA – Terry lead the discussion about what still needs to be done to prepare for CIPA.


Becky Doyal will take position of the registration director for the CIPA event.

We need to send people to show host meeting on 12/15, in NC.  Terry would like to be reimbursed for fuel cost to and from the meeting.


Thanks to Steve Hunt for hosting and Brad Beeler for sound equipment for CIPA.



CIPA Program form due date – 3 weeks before show which is Saturday March 8th.


Teresa Smith/Elaine Gentry/Lisa Buford want to be added to judges hospitality.


Mr. Humber’s report –


Mr. Humber made a request for the winter guard. The guard instructors would like to have a floor background that is digitally printed with a sky.  Mr. Humber has a potential quote for $1600. He requested approval for $2500 to spend on background. The difference in the potential quote and the $2500 was because the company did not give a solid quote.  Mr. Humber stated that the background can be resold for approximately $1,000.

During the discussion a question was asked about making a background with a painted sky so that the cost would not be as high.  Mr. Humber stated that a painted sky background wouldn’t look as good.  Paint also adds to the weight of the background.  Mr. Humber also stated that a sizeable portion of students who are participating who qualify for fee waiver which means his budget from the school can be used to help with other winter guard/band expenses. A motion made to approve request using $700 of budgeted money, plus $860 from fruit sales, and extend up to an additional $1,000 to cover the expense of the floor. The motion made by Bruce Ellis and seconded by Regina Ezell. A show of hands vote was taken and the  motion carried.


Mr. Humber also stated that he was going to ask for money for uniforms, transportations to championships, and one competition that is farther away but now he will be able to pull that from school account.


A booster asked how many students are asking for help for NY trip.  Only one student has asked.  That student has participated with fundraiser. This discussion was tabled for the next meeting.


Discussed moving banks to have better service.  Melanie has talked to Southern Railway credit union.  They have stated that they would accept our account and not charge for checks. Mary Bates will have Lynn Bates check with First TN about non-profit account. Regina Ezzell will check with ORNL.  A motion to make a bank change Regina Ezzell and seconded by Michelle Ellis. The motion passed.


The annual Pancake breakfast fundraiser was mentioned and it was decided to have it after the CIPA event.


A motion to dismiss  was made by  Melanie Esslinger and seconded by Regina Ezzell.  The motion carried.