2017 Booster Meeting Minutes


January 10, 2017

Meeting called to order by Terry Wilshire at 6:30 pm.

Previous meeting minutes read by Amanda Wilshire.  Motion made to accept the minutes by Michelle Ellis and seconded by Kathy Keys.

Michelle Ellis read treasurer report and discussed paying last coke bill of $2,279.06.  Discussed receiving a letter from Home Federal bank stating that they may start charging monthly fee, however Michelle states that she will call bank and check into further.  Motion made to approve treasurer report by Regina Ezell and seconded by Scott Boyle.

Terry Wilshire discussed upcoming ETPAA event.  Discussed additional volunteers still needed for event on March 4 and went over current list of volunteers.  Kathy Keys asked if students could volunteer and told that students were needed for various positions like: guides, concession.   Discussed the need for bus and driver to transport guest to and from GES to the high school.  Kathy Keys states that she will ask Davey and let us know if he is available.

Terry agreed to send Scott Boyle Ad request form to update and then email out to parents to start working on Ad sales.  Scott states that all ad orders need to be in by 2/21, so that he can finish program and take to printer on 2/24.  Suggest parents placing ads for students and availability to take credit cards.

Emily Kerr volunteered to check into ordering trophies.  Company we used the last couple of years was a family member of Shelia Staley and Amanda Wilshire agreed to contact Shelia and get contact information for Emily.

Tammy McCarter discussed needing donated food items for Judges and Instructor rooms.  Need various items like soups, sandwiches, drinks and side dishes.  Will need to be brought to the school  the morning of event.

Discussed next meeting being on February 14 and Valentine’s Day, so changed February business  meeting date to February 16 instead.  Scheduled additional meetings for ETPAA event on Monday, 2/27; Tuesday 2/28; and possibly a meeting on Thursday, 3/2 at 6:30pm each night.  Set up for ETPAA event will be on Friday, March 3rd.  (Meeting scheduled on  Tuesday, 2/28 will be our March business meeting d/t scheduled March meeting being during spring break.)  So no business meeting on 3/14.

Mr. Humber request funds for a couple of bills:

  • Orchestra bell case $290
  • Chime Mallets $58
  • Small Ensemble books $179.65
  • Parts $27.26

Total of $554.91

Humber states that school fees will be able to pay for buses for festival. Motion by Scott Boyle to approve amount and seconded by Regina Ezell.


Meeting ended at 8:15pm, Motion to adjourn by Terry Wilshire and seconded by Regina Ezell.


Feb 16, 2017

Meeting started at 630pm.

Minutes read by Amanda Wilshire. Motion to accept by Scott Boyle and seconded by Michelle Ellis.

Michelle Ellis discussed not having to pay bank fee. Payment made to website provider , cost $10 per month. Michelle read February treasure report.  Regina Ezell made a motion to accept, Melissa Thomas seconded.

Scott discussed ads for ETPAA book, have several now.  Any additional ads will need emailed to Scott Boyle by Wednesday, 2/21.  Each book will sell for $3 each.

Terry discussed cost of judges for event. Total of 9 judges, and cost $250 each and will also have to pay for mileage over 25 miles.  Admission price will be $8 per head. Will receive $25 for each groups that enrolls.  22 groups have signed up at this time.  (About the same at last year).

Discussed vendors that are coming, jewelry, snow cones, kettle corn.

Emily Kerr discussed getting trophies and told just to give her a week notice.  Discussed getting trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and name of different groups available online on ETPAA site.

Regina Turner discussed volunteer list. Elizabeth Easterday is over student guides.  Could use one more grill person, Scott volunteered to grill.  Many new leaders this year so might need some instruction.  Jennifer Wise tabulation, Amanda to educate her. Tabitha working in admissions to learn job.   Melissa and Brady to do inside logistics, Terry will help them.  Jennifer Morris over registration, and Emily Kerr to assist her with this.  Still need donated food, see Tammy to sign up.

Send email out for preorder t-shirts for students and parents. Will order 50 extra to sell the day of the show.

Important dates:  Next meetings 2/27, 2/28 and Friday, March 2 @5pm set up.

Show floor in Rhaye county high school and using on 2/25. Mr. Thomas states they will pick up that weekend.

Humber states that 8th graders coming over on March 3. March 6 concert at 7pm.Festival March 8 or 9 need chaperons. Will need someone to carry equipment in larger vehicles or use small trailer.

Need to see if has blue tape with green writing in storage room for floor, need to buy if don’t have.

Angelic discussed when to start candy bar sales.  Needs to be between March 1-31.  She will email them.

Will receive finial schedule with all schools coming, 5 days before event.

Discussed break in at small concession stand. Terry states that they broke front window and screwed back in, but will have to fixed and possibly painted before football season.

Discussed scheduling end of year banquet, Senior exam 11-12, April 7 prom.  May 5 possibility. Graduation 19th at 8pm.

Discussed search committee for next year’s board. Terry discussed for parents to start thinking if they would like to serve on recruitment committee, will form next month and elections will be held in May.

Meeting ended at 7:30pm Motion to accept by Regina Ezell and seconded by Michelle Ellis.





February 28, 2017 (March Business Meeting)


Meeting began at 6:30pm.

Minutes from previous business meeting located on website, so not read.  Motion to accept minutes by Scott Boyle and seconded by Regina Ezell.

Michelle read treasurer report.  Motion to accept by Melissa Thomas, and seconded by Kathy Keys.

Mr. Jon Humber states that Festival is scheduled for Thursday March 9 at 3:20pm.  Will not make back for buses so students will need rides home.  Will need a couple of parents as chaperones.  Parents can meet at West town mall food court at 12:15pm.  Students will eat lunch at mall and students  should be back at school at 5pm.

Terry Wilshire has made hotel reservations for two judges. Cost is $192.00 total.

Discussed ETPAA event and volunteers.

Angelic Toliver states that Candy bar sales start tonight.  Parents and students can check out boxes tonight.  She will be at the school every Monday and Thursday to check out boxes or for students to turn in money.  Top seller will win $100.  Sales  will go end,  the end of March.

If you placed a T-shirt pre order, make checks to Gibbs High Band Boosters.  Angelic Toliver  will have Friday night at set up.

Motion made to adjourn meeting made by Regina Ezell motion and seconded by Tammy McCarter.


Meeting 4/11/17

Meeting started at 6:30pm.

Meeting minutes are online and approved by Kathy Keys and seconded by Regina Ezell.

Discussed how well ETPAA went and Terry thanked all the volunteers for the work they did.

Michelle Ellis read treasurer report.  States that ending balance is $22,000. Profit made on ETPAA was cleared $3,334. (Didn’t have silent auction, t-shirt sales down, paid for food for judges room, and 2 hotel rooms).  Terry asked Emily Kerr if she found out about sending extra trophies back.   Motion to approve treasurer report by Regina Ezell and seconded by Scott Boyle.

Discussed needing someone to be over fruit sale for October-November and coke sale in August. No one volunteered during meeting.

Emily Kerr discussed working on getting church for banquet.  She says that she has a phone interview with Gran,t at Corryton Church tomorrow.  Kathy Keys said she could get a North Acres if couldn’t get Corryton Church. Boosters discussed since having issues getting approved to have banquet at Corryton to go ahead and see if Kathy could reserve North Acres Baptist Church. Kathy to call.   Discussed best date is May 5. (19th is graduation).  Tammy states that she will give Mr. Humber a list for kids to sign up.  Booster will still purchase meat.  Tammy will send to Humber to give out to students and will email to Amanda to email out to booster parents.

Nominating committee :  Brady Gray , Regina Ezell, Renee Boyle, Kathy Keys and Mr Humber.  Amanda will send out email to boosters regarding positions available and to contact nominating committee if interested .  Will also add if anyone interested in  volunteer coordinator and Concession stand.

Discussed candy bar sales and have 19 boxes left and will hold for concession stand in the fall.

Michaela McCarter is working on the video, send pictures to 865-335-2200 or mmccarter@bellsouth.net.

Emily Kerr states that Austin Kerr went to State and made 5th chair. Colorguard won 1st first at nationals.

Mr. Humber request check for money back for taking student out to eat at State for $165,  and for all east $137.  Motion to approve by Regina Ezell and seconded by Renee Boyle.  S

States that they have lost lock on little trailer and might have to purchase again.

Motion to adjourn made by Regina Ezell and seconded by Tammy McCarter.  Meeting ended at 7:05pm.


May 16, 2017

Meeting called to order by Michelle Ellis at 6:30 pm.

Minutes online. Motion made to accept by Bruce Ellis and seconded by Regina Ezell.

Monthly Treasurer report read by Michelle Ellis ending balance is $20,373.45, motion made to accept by  Regina Ezell  seconded by  Melissa Thomas. Yearly treasurer report read and given to booster members Signed off by officers and boosters.  Michelle to send report  to Principal and down town. Motion to accept by Regina Ezell and seconded by Melissa Thomas.

Tammy McCarter thanked Michelle Ellis for all her hard work as treasurer.

Mr. Humber states that we will be voting for 2017-2018 officers , ballots handed out. Votes counted:

President: Ronnie Keys

Vice President: Emily Kerr

Secretary: Tammy McCarter

Treasurer: Kathy Keys

Volunteer Coordinator-decided to have Emily Kerr to lead and separate as a committee.

Mr. Humber discussed Band camp and schedule for July.  Discussed Monday is for freshman and student leadership.  2nd week will be at Gibbs if field completed.  Discussed other possibilities at Gibbs Elementary School or other places at the high school.  Mandatory Parent Meeting will be on 2nd Monday at 6:30 in band room.  Band fees $250, $50 for equipment use.

Upcoming booster June 13 and July 11 at 6:30 pm

Meeting adjourned by Terry Wilshire.  Motion accepted by Regina Ezell and seconded by  Melissa Thomas.


Motion to adjourn by




June 13, 2017


Meeting called to order by Tammy McCarter at 6:30 pm.

Tammy McCarter read the minutes from last month.  Motion made to accept by Kelly Adams and second by Emily Kerr.

Monthly Treasure report read by Kathy Keys, motion made to accept by Emily Kerr and second by Denise Pollock.

Budget Report was discussed by Kathy Keys, motion made to accept by Denise Pollack and second by Patrick Pollack.

Ronnie Keys discussed that our Facebook webpage is messed up and it is being worked on as we speak.  He mentioned that one of our biggest fund raisers is our Coke Sales.  Mr. Humber asked if anyone would be willing to be over the coke sales.  Denise Pollock said that she would like to help with the coke sales.

Ronnie Keys brought up that Regina Turner would like to still help with Volunteer Coordinator.  Everyone agreed that would be fine since she has been doing it for the last five years.

Ronnie Keys brought up that we need volunteers at Band Camp.  We discussed lunch schedules, what we will be serving, when lunches will be, dinner breaks, etc.  Ronnie also mentioned that we need to meet one night and clean up concessions and we need to bag ice for band camp.  We also discussed if anyone would like to be in charge of concessions, to please let us know because Amanda will not be returning this year.

Mr. Humber said that the upcoming days that is important is that there will be an optional music/guard practice.  On July 11th we will have our next booster meeting.

Ronnie wanted to discuss the By Laws changes, which was not many.  Mr. Humber stated that we have to mention this in two meetings in order to change anything.

Mr. Humber said that there are two changes for the Vice President and Secretary.  He read them to all of us. Mr. Humber asked to motion and Denise Pollock accept and Kathy Keys was second.

Meeting adjourned by Tammy McCarter.  Motion made accepted by Kelly Adams and seconded by Kathy Keys.



July 11, 2017


Meeting called to order by Ronnie Keys at 6:30 pm.

Mark Fincham made motion to not read minutes from last month. Second to  accept by Kelly Adams.

Monthly Treasure report read by Kathy Keys, motion made to accept by Mark Finchum and second by Emily Kerr.

Budget Report was discussed by Kathy Keys, motion made to accept by Denise Pollack and second by Patrick Pollack.

Mr. Humber wanted to discuss the menu for Band Camp. There will be a form sent out to the students on the first day of Band Camp.

Ronnie Keys brought up that we need to clean the coolers and check the ice machine for band camp.  We also have to have each student bring a case of water each.  If anyone can bring a case of coke for lunches would be great also.

Mr. Humber said that we need to get word out that we are having the mandatory parent meeting on the second Monday, July 24 at 6:00 for all parents to fill out necessary paperwork.

Ronnie Keys wanted to discuss the second reading of the by laws.  Terry Wilshire read the changes for Vice President and Secretary.  He also read the Treasurer duties as well. Terry Wilshire asked to motion and Mark FInchum second.

Ronnie Keys brought up that we need to meet up on Sunday at 2:00 to load the trailer with equipment and things for band camp.

Meeting adjourned by Kelly Adams and seconded by Mark Finchum.